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ESLOG Technology GmbH


When you find that logistics is critical to your company and that the management and support of that technology is equally important, then you want to establish a relationship with a consulting service provider like ESLOG.

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ESLOG Technology GmbH was founded in 2015 in Hamburg, Germany. As a professional logistics consulting company, our team has decades of experience in design, planning and integration in the logistics industry. With a unique perspective, a neutral position, and professional logistics knowledge, it can be close to the needs of users.

ESLOG provides customers with intelligent logistics planning, equipment integration applications and efficient solutions by providing professional strategic consulting, park planning consulting, logistics planning consulting, architectural design consulting, system and equipment selection, project implementation consulting and various data analysis services. To provide an optimized path for enterprises to achieve their goals, save time, reduce costs, increase success rate, and help enterprises find the development direction of their own intelligent logistics strategy.


ESLOG's corporate philosophy is to make logistics easier, provide customers with time-saving, provincial and efficient logistics solutions, and provide the most direct value consulting services. From the integration of enterprise logistics strategy to the analysis of single equipment efficiency and cost performance, we are able to provide customers with higher than expected professional services.

ESLOG also work with strategic partners to provide customers with the latest information about the logistics industry in domestic and overseas, as well as the survey of cooperative companies, as a powerful information resource base for enterprises.


Start Free

Our service begins with a free consultation. Understanding customers is to learn the industry and gain experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us to tell your needs.

Expert Advice

Experts will help customers deal with various issues such as cost, inventory, capital possession, value-added, supply chain optimization, process reengineering, etc..

Fully Responsive

Quickly and comprehensively respond to the requirements of customers, and provide unique solutions with hardware, software, experience and advantages.


Using intelligent systems and equipment to combine intelligent technologies such as the Internet and the IoT to help customers build modern integrated logistics systems.

Custom Made

Customized solutions not only reflect their uniqueness and relevance, but also to quickly handle specific customer needs and respond to changes in planning.

Eco Friendly

Future logistics is smart logistics, and green logistics. While improving logistics efficiency, we also help to reduce environmental pollution and resource consumption.